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We are most concerned that placement of an incinerator in close proximity to TWO power stations will provide a very dangerous accumulation of toxic particle and gaseous emissions, particularly since there appears to be no standard for the most dangerous fine particle emissions such as exists in North America.

Traffic through Appleford and Sutton Courtenay is already at Saturation Levels during most of the day and large queues of traffic occur at the bridge and at roundabouts from Didcot through Milton Estate to the villages.

We already have a huge building in the form of the Didcot A power station and the towers and chimney of Didcot B. The addition of a third large building and accompanying chimney represents a huge imposition on the visual outlook of residents.

The village already has a waste dump from the Harwell atomic reactor in close proximity to the WRG site. Burial of Incinerator waste, with normal waste so close to the river presents an unacceptable risk of interaction of all three waste deposits penetrating the containment methods and contaminating the water table and the nearby River Thames.

A dam is already proposed for a nearby Drayton site, and this will substantially increase atmospheric moisture levels around the site, increasing emission deposition and atmospheric pollution in the village.

The operators of the current waste disposal site, WRG, regularly cause excessive odour pollution in the villages of Sutton Courtenay and Appleford. If they are unable to control simple odour pollution they are unfit to control dangerous emission products from an incinerator.

I understand a specialist consultant to the OCC advised that Sutton Courtenay was not a suitable site for an incinerator and I would like to know the reasons for this.

Why are the Council engaging a proposal from WRG, a company which already has a track record of a large number of infringements of safety standards at other incinerator sites it operates.

It is well known to residents that Sutton Courtenay has a unique Microclimate and this has not apparently been considered in this Proposal which instead uses inappropriate weather data from Brize Norton which cannot be applied to Sutton Courtenay