What can I do?

As a matter of urgency please write a letter of objection quoting:

Drawing on the information in ARGUMENT POINTS opposite, write immediately stating that you object to the proposal and the reasons why, to the County Planning Officer: with a hard copy to:

Mary Thompson Planning Department, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, Oxford OX1 1NE

1. Attend future Public Meetings,
2. Write or email your local M.P. urgently.
Email or write to as many of the Oxfordshire Planning Committee Councillors as possible expressing your objections – See Write or email to other Councillors – see website for details.
Galvanise your neighbours to act – Put a poster on your house.
Participate in public protests – when scheduled.
Assist with Schools Petition against Incinerators

Some Relevant Comments from The House of Commons Select Committee

‘ Two large cohort studies in America have shown fine(PM2.5) particulate air pollution causes increases in all-cause mortality,cardiac mortality and mortality from lung cancer. Fine particulates are primarily produced by combustion and are produced in large quantities by Incinerators

Incinerators are a major source of fine particulates, of toxic metals and of more than 200 organic chemicals including known carcinogens, mutagens and hormone disrupters.

It is still generally accepted that emissions standards are still based on what can be measured and what is technologically achievable, rather than what is safe’

From the British Society of Ecological Medicine

‘ At the heart of the problems of incineration is the unsatisfactory nature of monitoring at these installations,unsatisfactory in the way it is done, the compounds monitored, and the levels deemed acceptable, and the lack of monitoring of body burdens in the local population.’

From Dr. Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University

‘Far from it being universally proven technology claimed by its promoters, the incineration of waste with energy recovery has been an experiment which after twenty years has left the citizens of industrialised countries with a legacy of unacceptably high levels of Dioxins in their food, in their tissues ,their babies, and their wildlife.

From Greenpeace

‘ Ten Incinerators in the U.K. committed 553 pollution offences in a two year period but incurred only one prosecution for the entire period.’

From European Union Directive 2006/12 EC

‘member states shall take the necessary measures to ensure that waste is disposed of without endangering human health’ ‘by means of the most appropriate technologies to ensure a high level of protection….for Public health’