Public Meeting Friday 25th September


Despite Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) deciding their “preferred bidder” to be Viridor at Ardley, WRG are continuing with their planning application for an incinerator at Sutton Courtenay, so we could get two incinerators.

The plant would be in use night and day, burning 220,000 tonnes of waste a year; all brought in by road. Despite proposing a smaller incinerator the building will be the same massive size, thus creating a huge visual impact and allowing for future expansion. The chimney stack will be 95 metres high and WRG propose depositing hazardous waste in a pit 500 metres from the Thames, above an aquifer.

Other authorities in the UK and overseas, however, are rapidly turning to safer technologies, such as Mechanical and Biological Treatment and Anaerobic Digestors.

OBJECT NOW even if you have objected before!

It is crucial to get as many letters of objection to OCC by Weds 6 Oct, quoting WRG SUT/APF/616 60CM, to, copy the councillors on the Planning Committee and/or a hard copy to Mary Thompson, Planning Department, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, Oxford OX1 1NE

Particular”planning concerns” about the WRG proposal which you could raise are:

  • It ignores several of the Council’s own Structure Plan Policies, including on flood risks and causing unacceptable damage to the bio-diversity.
  • The landscape and visual impact. Despite a decrease in the capacity, the dimensions of the building have not changed so there will be a significant impact on the view from as far as Wittenham Clumps and the White Horse.
  • The extension of industrial development to the edge of Appleford and SC
  • Traffic, noise, dust and light pollution from transport and the site operations
  • The public perception of the health risks. Waste incineration causes air and land pollution over an extensive radius. It will produce ultrafine particles and Persistant Organic Pollutants, which are known to be damaging to health.
  • The proposal to bury highly toxic waste above an aquifer and in the Thames Flood Plain
  • No study is being undertaken into the cumulative health and environmental impact of adding a large incinerator to the Power Stations and landfill site.
  • The adverse effect on Sutton Courtenay’s and the Vale’s Cultural Heritage
  • The considerable economic risks of a 25 year contract to local taxpayers.

An incinerator would adversely affect us and our children for the next 25 years! MORE AT THE PUBLIC MEETING ON FRIDAY 25 SEP AT 7.30 PM at Sutton Courtenay Village Hall

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