Ladygrove, Culham say NO – The evidence

Ladygrove, Culham say NO – the evidence

Although 10,000 people have signed the petition against the incinerator and several hundred have attended meetings since December, some county councillors continue to insist that these figures mean nothing since only anti-incinerator people sign or turn up.

However, these councillors can no longer claim this since an expert in opinion surveys, Dr Pauline Amos Wilson has examined household views on the incinerator in several local communities. Until she retired recently, Pauline was Senior Lecturer in Research Methods at the internationally renowned Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London. She has applied the methods she has been teaching for many years to a sample of households in Ladygrove and Culham to establish the extent of anti versus pro opinion for the incinerator in these communities and can now predict attitudes for the whole of the household population for both.

In LADYGROVE these are 89% AGAINST the Incinerator; 5% For; and 6% don’t knows.

In CULHAM these are 97.5% AGAINST the incinerator, and 2.5% don’t knows

Pauline says ‘no longer can any councillor representing Ladygrove or Culham, at whatever level – town, district or county, claim they have a mandate to support the incinerator.’ She also says ‘while collecting data I was struck by how most people felt that they have had no representation in the democratic process in relation to the incinerator’.

Pauline is currently completing analysis of surveys in other local communities, including Sutton Courtenay and her results will be posted on the website soon.

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