Oxon. taking the LEAD.


Oxford has a world name, of which it should be proud, for intellectual excellence, research, and medical discovery. It has often led the way, and does today, with many important research projects and companies in this area e.g. Oxford Instruments, Oxford Genome Sciences.
Oxfordshire County Council MUST TAKE THE LEAD, and show their intellectual metal, by studying the research on the health effects of incineration THEMSELVES, and not passing- the- buck, to the HPA and EA (who are not truly independant in that they are governed by directives.)
It would save a lot of time and money, if they did this before the Planning Committee vote!
They should take a world lead in this matter, disregarding threats of EU fines, and not allow Incineration in Oxfordshire. Research is ONGOING into the dangers of incineration, and this very fact means that the EU may have egg on their face/faces, in the end. Oxfordshire must be strong and do the right thing for it’s people.
JMD Sutton


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