The Vale District Council has raised 12 substantive objections to the proposal to build a massive incinerator near Didcot and amongst many others the Environment Agency has raised serious issues of concern.

The Waste Recycling Group (WRG) failed to include the crucial Human Health Risk Assessment appendices with their application to build the incinerator. Sutton Courtenay Against the Incinerator (SCAI) raised this with the County Council and the result is that there is to be a renewed 3 week public consultation period. We all therefore still have the opportunity to object!

On 13th January Cllr Jean Fooks placed a motion before the County Council recommending that it commissioned an independent assessment of the health risks before deciding to proceed with the procurement of an incinerator.

SCAI held a demonstration outside County Hall in support of the motion. Dr Angela Jones a local GP then made a statement to the Council based on a report from a group of local health professionals strongly objecting to the incinerator on public health grounds. (A copy is onwww.scai.co.uk).
Speaking on behalf of 14 other parish councils, a representative from Bucknell then urged the Council to pay more attention to the widespread health debate around incineration and approve the motion. A lot more evidence of the risks had recently emerged and a number of respected international organisations including the World Wildlife Fund and the International Society of Doctors for the Environment with 33 000 members, have voiced their concerns.

The 14 Parish Councils therefore recommended that the County Council should not just trust to the Health Protection Agency alone to assess the risk.
Ignoring all this, and the fact that the “public perception of the risk” is an important planning consideration, the ruling group forced through an amendment, which in effect negated the practical purpose of the motion to commission an independent assessment.

We do owe it to our children to be much better informed about the potential impact of incinerators on the local community over the next 25 years! We urge you therefore to look at our web site and read the mass of other information on the internet. If you agree then please sign the on-line petition, (follow the links onwww.scai.co.uk) and get your friends to do so as well!
Please also write a letter of objection quoting WRG SUT/APF/616 60CM to the Planning Officermary.thompson@oxfordshire.gov.ukwith a hard copy to: Mary Thompson, Planning Department, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, Oxford OX1 1NE and consider copying it to the county councillors on the Planning Committee (see the web site) and your MP.
This is getting very urgent as OCC want to make a decision in April!

Remember Asbestos was also once considered safe

Callum MacKenzie


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