Sutton Courtenay PCC public meeting about Incinerator Monday 15th September 2008

The need of SC residents to prepare reasoned evidence to present for the case against the WRG and:

Take the decision out of the hands of Oxfordshire CC (in appropriate circumstances the Secretary of State can be called in to take over a planning application).

Commission an environmental assessment of the plan.  (the costs for such an assessment could be met from the Parish Council’s surplus account)

  • Direct Action
  • Can we obstruct the process
  • Can SCPC refuse to vote – chair responded
  • Produce a critique of WRG EA assessment
  • Air Quality assessment – has to go on at the same time as planning application
  • S.C. residents should seek support from villages and towns in the surrounding area
  • Apparent misinformation in Lamont’s explanation of the planning guidelines – health and air quality should be in the planning application, as well as site selection in relation to population density


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